The "summerpalace" will be a garden from artists for artists.

The garden is located in direct neighbourhood to my studio in the town of Neuss (directly beside Duesseldorf) and has a size of ca. 1200 squaremeters with old trees etc.

The basic idea is simply to make a kind of luxurious summerbanquet from artists for artists and our friends. Its purpose is simply to center the view again more to the fun we gain through the work of the collegues, our own work and through collegiality.

Through that the artists for me are still the center and as producers of work the most important thing around art, which sometimes seems to be a little forgotten these days, i asked some collegues and friends to do a small work for the garden.

Parallel to that there should be a small program, which could be described as "the things, we never knew about...", where collegues and friends share their hidden interests with us going from barbeceu to showing films until whatever.

The palace is happening fron 4th of august until the 15th of september. Through that it is a thing from artists for artists i'm not going to ask for money from the town etc. We do this from us for us- a luxurious summerbankett of the producers. Beside that souvereign sponsoring in which form ever without expectation of nothing is still very welcome



axel brandt
rui chafes
arpad dobriban
karin fehr
sid gastl
johannes hueppi
thomas kilpper
andrea knobloch
stefan loeffelhardt
rita mcbride
sofia mello
cornelia parker
mark pepper
ella raidl
alexandra ranner
thomas rentmeister
petra rinck
glen rubsamen
judith samen
petra sapper
nicola schrudde
markus vater




der gaertner